Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome to 37 Rising Stars

Welcome to the 37 Rising Stars Blog! Keep up with Graham and Lu Ann Snyder and their tour of every NHL city in North America! Read about the tour as it stops in each city, their daily travel adventures, and a report on each game from Graham. Check out the website for their full schedule, photos, and more. Thanks for visiting and be sure to leave a message for Graham and LuAnn!


fulcher said...

Great site!

Glad to see that things are going good for you guys, enjoy the rest of your trip.

I guess instead of seeing horse droppings, you have other things to keep an eye out for on the roads.

Anonymous said...

ope you all enjoyed your visit to St Louis. Curtis Sanford had some very fond memories of your son in Juniors, and I hope his stories brought some good feelings. Best wishes on your travels.
Larry In St Louis