Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The windy city. What can I say. It was windy, windy, and windy. What a blustery day as Winnie the Pooh would say. We made our contact with the Blackhawks organization through Angela Armbruster and arrangements were made to meet with her before the game. But first, it was off to the Allstate Arena. Home base for us. A place we are familiar with in Chicago. Dan played two seasons there with the Wolves and won a Calder Cup. So many friends and such a wonderful organization. Dan loved his time in Chicago and every time I go back there I realize why.
We were set up right behind the rink and stayed for two nights. The weather was pretty chilly and it dipped below freezing both nights. And of course the wind never settled down. We had to get the RV winterized. If anyone has ever had an RV, you know you can’t have it out in below freezing temperatures without having it winterized. The pipes are small and freeze very quickly. Day two had us getting the 37 Machine (as we have nicknamed it) a winterizing and we slept better knowing that the plumbing was OK. It was a bit inconvenient not being able to use the plumbing till we got to warmer climates out on the west coast, but it was worth it. Kevin Kacer set us up with a dressing room to shower everyday complete with towels and supplies.
We got to the game early with our friends Billy and Laurie and met up with Angela. She very graciously gave us an authentic Blackhawks jersey signed by the whole team. A very generous gift for our end of trip auction. We also started our poster signings. We have two posters that have been made up for the tour and we hope to get them signed at each city. One by the captain of the team and the other by a member of the team. We hope to auction them at the end of the tour and donate the money to the fundraising for the new recreation complex in our home town of Elmira. We met with the captain Adrian Aucoin after the game and he was kind enough to sign the poster for us and stay for a quick chat. Chicago won the game so our record is 1 and 0 for the home team. We have 1 city down and 29 to go.

A journey begins with a single step as the saying goes. We’ve made a few steps, but still have a lot to go. But all the steps will add up and we will be finished before we know it. Thanks to all who are reading this for joining us on our journey and making it easier along the way. Next stop, St. Paul to see the Minnesota Wild.
Graham's Game Report
Chicago vs Nashville Oct.12, 2006 at the United Center
The smallest crowd in the history of the United Center was on hand to see the Blackhawks post a well deserved 3-1 victory. Sad to see a once proud franchise suffering through lean times. Tonight they looked like the Hawks of old. Martin Havlit and Michael Handzuis up front and Adrian Aucoin on defense and the Bulinwall sent the Predators to their third straight defeat this year. Things are looking better for the Hawks this year.

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