Saturday, November 25, 2006

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

After settling at El Segundo, we spent a quiet day at the beach. The driving around the Los Angeles area is everything we had heard and more. Mostly terrible. I thought it was difficult driving in Chicago. We went to see someone on the Friday and what should have been a twenty to twenty five minute drive each way, ended up taking almost an hour and a half each way. Ridiculous and crazy. I could never live in that congested an area. To each his own I guess. We were going to the Kings game on Thursday evening and got there early. Jeff Cowan and his girlfriend Leigh Ann picked us up at the RV Park. Jeff played with Dan in Atlanta and has been on the injured list. We made plans to go out after the game with the Cowans and the Weavers. Mike Weaver also plays in Los Angeles for the Kings and he played with Dan in Orlando, Chicago, and Atlanta. Weaves (as he is known) scored his first goal of the season (or actually his first NHL goal), but it was called back by the referee. Next time Weaves. The Flyers came out flying again and surprisingly put down the Kings 4-3. They have certainly since the beginning of the season but were pretty dominate against the Ducks and the Kings. They were pretty happy to get four points on the road against two good teams. We went out after the game and had a great visit. It always feels good to be with Dan’s friends and share stories. We decided to stay another day at El Segundo at the beach. It was so warm and such a nice spot. After our sojourn across Los Angeles we made our way back to the beach and had Lisa, Jeff and Leigh Ann, Mike and Rhianna, and Mike’s sister Jen over for a steak barbeque. We had way too much food (as usual) and lots of fun. It was a beautiful evening on the beach. The stars in the sky were amazing.

Graham's Game Report

Thu Nov 16
Staples Centre
Los Angeles Kings vs. Philadelphia Flyers

A little parlay action with the Flyers providing the long odds would have been a huge payoff in L.A. but alas I missed the crystal ball on this one. Our strong home record on this trip was dealt a severe blow by the Flyers but you have to love the parity in the new NHL. The Kings were on top 2-1 in the third period when lightning struck and our old buddy Mike Weaver struck for his first NHL goal and we were on our feet cheering wildly. For reasons unknown the referee ruled that he had blown his whistle in error and the goal was disallowed even though the Flyers never gained possession on the delayed penalty. Too bad for Weavs who scores about once a decade and even though the Kings went up 3-1 a little later it came back to bite them as Philly scored three quick goals and hung on to win 4-3. Sean Avery showed a few of the skills he flashed back in Owen Sound and stayed away from the stupid stuff that hurt him last year. Unfortunately Dan’s Thrasher linemate Jeff Cowan was still on the injured list for this one but hopes to be back very soon. Very tough loss for the Kings who have struggled out of the gate but a learning tool none the less. It was interesting to see the number of Flyers jerseys in the stands at both LA rinks and for a change they had lots to cheer about.

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